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Lucia di Luciano

*1933. Lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Lucia di Luciano is a pivotal figure of the Italian artistic movement Arte Programmata. Together with her late husband Giovanni Pizzo, di Luciano launched two distinct artistic endeavors in Rome in the early 1960s: Gruppo 63 and Operativo R. As a post-war innovative and utopian art movement, Arte Programmata wanted to redefine the relationship between individuality and collectivity through the help of new technologies. After this seminal period, di Luciano continued her artistic endeavor and started experimenting little by little with color theory in the 1970’s through the 1990’s before fully reintroducing it into her work in the 2000’s. Since 2016, at the age of 86, she has broken free from her previous rigor and expanded her research in a new, free and uninhibited manner. These new paintings are as liberated and deconstructed as they are synonymous with a broad history of abstraction.

2024: Electric Dreams, Tate Modern, London, UK, Group Exhibition

2023: Lucia di Luciano Essenzialità, curated by Mohamed Almusibli, Lovay Fine Arts, Geneva, Switzerland
2022: The Milk of Dreams, curated by Cecilia Alemani, 59th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, Group exhibition
2022: Lucia di Luciano & Giovanni Pizzo: Programmed Art, National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia
2016: Kunst in Europa 1945-1968, curated by Eckhart Gillen and Peter Weibel, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, Group exhibition 
2015: Sistematiche Operazionali, Galleria 10 A.M. ART, Milan, Italy 
2002: Essenzialità/strutturazioni ritmiche, curated by Simonetta Lux and Domenico Scudero, MLAC, Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea - Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy 

Lucia di Luciano Selected Works (1961-2023), Nathalie Du Pasquier, Fabio Cherstich (ed.), Apartamento Publishing S.L, Barcelona, 2024. 
Lucia di Luciano and Giovanni Pizzo, Combinatorie - Arte programmata anni ‘60, Mariastella Margozzi, Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna, Roma, 2007
artisticaMENTE - Lucia di Luciano, una pittura che si racconta, Simonetta Lux, Domenico Scudero, Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Roma, 2003
Strutture Visive, Giulio C. Argan, Giuseppe Gatt, Lara V. Masini, Giorgio Tempesti, Italo Tomassoni, Rome, Italy, 1965

Lucia di Luciano se libère en couleur du motif de la grille, Iréne Languin, Tribune de Genève, Switzerland, 28.11.2023
I coniugi dipinti dai quadri, Stefano Bucci, Corriere della Serra, 25.02.2023

Tate Modern, London, UK 
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy
National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia
VAF-Stiftung, Frankfurt, Germany 
MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires, Argentina 

The Milk of Dreams - Il Latte dei Sogni

Curated by Cecilia Alemani, 59th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 2022

Lucia di Luciano & Giovanni Pizzo: Programmed Art

National Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2022

Per una Ricerca Estetico - Operazionale come Metalinguaggio

Galleria Numero di Roma, Rome, 1966


Lucia di Luciano Essenzialità

Curated by Mohamed Almusibli, Lovay Fine Arts, Geneva, Switzerland, 2023